Human Resources Policies

"The fundamental basis of our Human Resources Policy is to preserve and develop the BSA "Awareness and Culture."

• We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. We build our relations upon healthy and permanent foundations whereas we don't regard our working relationships as temporary. We identify with the principle of attracting talented and successful people into our structure and working together over the long-term by fostering and encouraging their development. 

• Personnel who are newly employed are familiarized to BSA culture and the new job with "Job Adaptation Training". Their training continues both on the job and with programs organized outside the workplace, whereas we track their progress. 

• We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we apply this principle in our business life. We give everyone the opportunity to progress and be promoted by not discriminating against the race, sex and beliefs of our employees. 

• Selection - Placement and the Career Planning of our employees is carried out very meticulously. We consider "Loyalty, honesty, teamwork, sensitivity, work ethics, reconciliation with oneself and those in the vicinity" to be our fundamental criteria.



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