Since the day of its establishment,in july 2001, Bosphorus Shipping Agency S.A. has represented the commercial and operational interests of Evergreen Line in Turkey and beyond its borders.

Through a corporate business model of balance of flexibility, pragmatism and internationally recognized expertise, BSA has reached, through the years, the highest levels of customer satisfaction, cost efficiency, quality and security.

The highly challenging liner shipping industry has been the playing ground where BSA did play  its role since the first day of activity.

Evergreen Line, being one of the of the top players in the industry, is serving Turkish trade to/from Far East, Indian Sub Continent, Red Sea, Intra Mediterranean and Intra Black Sea ports, North Europe; either directly or through the transshipments hubs selected in the Mediterranean sea.


As a logical consequence of the shipping industry development  the representation in Turkey was terminated as from 1st of June 2022 with the establishment of Evergreen Shipping Agency (Turkey) Corporation, Bosphorus Shipping Agency was then appointed sub agent to keep representing Evergreen Line in the territories of Black Sea.

BSA local offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine , Georgia and Azerbaijan are taking care of Evergreen Line business and operational interests in the respective countries.

The expertise gained through the years by a young, dynamic, well educated and reliable management and staff has made BSA one of the main shipping agencies in the territories of its jurisdiction.

BSA is simply looking beyond the horizon! 


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